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Results: 2014 National Brass Band Championships

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A Grade:

Adjudicator: Stephen Cobb

Sacred Item/Set Work/Own Choice = Total

1. Wellington Brass (David Bremner): 95/145/145 = 385

2. Dalewool Auckland Brass (Nigel Weeks): 94/144/146 = 384

3. North Shore Brass (Colin Clark): 92/142/144 = 378

4. Woolston Brass (Graham Hickman): 93/141/140 = 374

5. Leopard Coachlines Canterbury Brass (Tyme Marsters): 91/137/142 = 370

6. Ascot Park Hotel Brass (Dwayne Bloomfield): 87/138/143 = 368

7. Waitakere Auckland Brass (Russell Gray): 86/140/141 = 367

8. Marlborough District Brass (Kevin Moseley): 90/136/139 = 365

9. Brass Wanganui (Bruce Jellyman): 89/135/138 = 362

10. St Kilda Brass (Peter Adams): 85/139/137 = 361

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2014 Champion of Champions Event

Trevor Bremner on Cornet accompanied by wife Betty has won the 2014 Champion of Champions event.

Second placing went to Riki McDonnell and third place to Mitchell Spence.

Adjudicators: Dr. Stephen Cobb, Brent Large and Nigel Weeks.


Trevor  Betty Bremner

Contest Time!

brass2014 smlogoInvercargill will be buzzing as 1000 musicians invade the city to compete at our 134th National Brass Band Championships. If you can’t make it to contest you can still watch the band events on Friday 10 July and Saturday 11July as they will be streamed live on www.brassbanned.com  Events start from 8.30am both days.

Our thanks to go our chief adjudicators Dr Stephen Cobb, Brent Large and Stephen Leader, to our solo judges Peter Adams, David Bremner, Dwayne Bloomfield, David Chalk, Colin Clark, Kevin Dell, Matthew van Emmerik, Russell Gray, Murray Hickman, Brent Hoy, Bruce Jellyman, Phil Johnston, Byron Newton, Grant Sinclair, Alan Spence, Rodney Sutton and Nigel Weeks.

Our sincere thanks go to our sponsors and funder:

The Invercargill Licensing Trust, ILT Foundation, Music Works, Besson, New Zealand Army Band, ABI Music Ltd, Royal New Zealand Navy Band, Music Ways Ltd, E Hayes & Sons Ltd, HW Richardson Group, McDermott Coachlines, Invercargill City Council, the Radio Network, Molto Music, Re-percussion, The Pelorus Trust, The Infinity Foundation and The Four Winds Foundation.   

The 2014 National Band

BBANZ is  pleased to announce the 2014 National Band that will tour to China and Korea in September. Due to many different reasons a number of players selected in 2013 are no longer available to tour. Musical Director Nigel Weeks (pictured below) has auditioned for replacements and has selected a highly competent band.

Full list: 2014 National Band of New Zealand + Seat Sponsorship. 

Nigel Weeks We invite you to come on board and support the National Band by sponsoring a player and/or by attending the one and only New Zealand concert to be held in Auckland on 1 September. (Concert details can be found on the poster on this website.)

Seat sponsorship is $150 for a band member, $500 for a principal player and $1000 for the principal cornet and leader of the band.  If you would like more information about this please contact the band manager Kevin Dell at 027 431 7803 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our sincere thanks go to the following seat sponsors already onboard:

  • Southwood Export Ltd – sponsor of Nigel Weeks, Musical Director, Fraser Robertson and Ross Gerritsen
  • Newman’s Music Works, Timaru – sponsor of Anthony Smith
  • Winton & Margaret Bear Charitable Trust – sponsor of Nicholas Garrett
  • North Shore Brass Academy – sponsor of Colin Clark and John Sullivan
  • The Devon Hotel New Plymouth Brass Band – sponsor of Leigh and Raynor Martin
  • Robert & Heather Wilson, Tauranga – sponsor of Joe Thomas
  • Jeff Mulraney, Blenheim - sponsor of Clyde Dixon
  • Peter Adams, Dunedin - sponsor of Steve Miles
  • JP Sterling Brass Instruments - sponsor of Riki McDonnell
  • Jim Edmondston - sponsor of Mike Ford
  • John Bartlett - sponsor of Bill Vail and Sergio Marshall
  • Bill Platt - sponsor of Kevin McMorran
  • The Canterbury Brass Factory - sponsor of Tyme Marsters
  • The Local Bar, Barrington Street Christchurch - sponsor of Steve Griffin
  • Les Green - sponsor of Keenan Buchanan
  • Adrienne, Lady Stewart - sponsor of Kyle Lawson and Graham Hickman
  • Owen Dell - sponsor of Grant Myhill
  • Ron Harris - sponsor of Joel Williams
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